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Painting a healthier future for our children.

Yellow Canteen, a social responsibility project by Dulux Indonesia, aims to create healthier canteen environments for children in schools across Indonesia.

Indonesia’s open-air school canteens, plagued by hot, humid weather, become easily infested with flies. This poses a major health risk to children who are less likely to practice perfect hygiene at mealtimes. Something had to be done.

Fortunately, a solution was discovered through research — the colour yellow. Flies hate yellow. This colour has been proven to effectively repel flies, based on the experiment we conducted.

Through research, a simple but effective solution was discovered—the colour yellow. Flies hate the colour yellow. Based on our experiments, it is proven that this colour did indeed effectively repel flies.

Armed with this solution, we transformed several school canteens by painting everything yellow. This simple change proved to effectively ward off flies and in turn, created a much healthier dining environment for our students.

We’re now excited to expand our initiative to more schools across Indonesia. If you know of a school that could benefit from a yellow transformation, please make a suggestion below.

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Yellow Canteen in action